Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In the race of AI, many people have lost their jobs in the past, and this trend continues across all industries.

Recently, individuals in the field of animated productions and voice acting are facing the threat of AI. 

Numerous AI tools are emerging that can perfectly clone voices and create animation videos, leading to concerns among voiceover artists and animators about job security.

According to recent reports of Scroll, robots are replacing workers in factories, and AI software capable of replicating human voices is displacing artists. 

In India, AI-assisted voice acting is already being utilised in corporate videos, audiobooks, and commercials, causing alarm among industry professionals.

A Mumbai-based Association of Voice Artists, representing around 1,000 members working in advertising, film, and television, expressed deep concerns. 

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"If AI takes over, we are finished," remarked Amarinder Singh Sodhi, the association’s general secretary. He emphasised the need for regulations to safeguard their livelihoods.

Ganesh Divekar, the association’s president, elaborated on the threat posed by AI to voice-over artists. 

He explained how a film requiring multiple characters for dubbing could now be accomplished with just a few artists using AI voice cloning technology.

The impact of AI extends beyond voiceover artists to dubbing producers who hire them. 

Despite sounding mechanical, AI-generated voices are attractive to producers seeking cost-cutting measures.

As AI advances, many in India face the looming threat of job loss. Urgent calls for regulation are being made to prevent widespread suffering among the populace due to AI's disruptive influence on traditional employment.

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