Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Android smartphones are known for their versatility and large quantity of features. However, some features may be hidden or not commonly known by the average users.

Here are three hidden Android features that you may not have known about:

Read aloud feature for web pages:

Have you ever been in a crowded place and wanted to read an article but found it difficult to focus on the text? Well, there's a hidden feature on Android smartphones that can help you with that.

The read aloud feature allows you to listen to articles on any web page, even if the website does not have a read article plugin.

To use this feature, all you have to do is to open the Google Assistant and say, "Hey Google, read this article." The Google Assistant will start reading the article for you, and you can even choose the language you want to listen to.

This feature can come in handy when you are on the go and do not have the time or ability to read an article.

Save parking location:

Have you ever parked your bike in an outdoor area and then struggled to find it later? Well, Android has a feature that can help you with that. With the "Save parking" feature on Google Maps, you can easily save your parking location and find it later.

To use this feature, simply open the Google Maps app and tap where your bike is parked. Then, click on the "Save parking" option in the Google Maps options.

When you're done with your work and ready to find your vehicle, just ask the Google Assistant, "Where is my bike parked?" The Google Maps app will show you the exact location of your vehicle, and you can walk straight to it without any hassle.

Slide and glide gestures:

Android smartphones come with various gesture controls that make it easier to navigate through the phone's features.

One of the lesser-known gesture controls is the slide and glide feature which allows you to swipe across the screen to perform different actions.

To use this feature, swipe from the edge of your screen inwards and hold your finger down; it is very beneficial in typing. You will see a panel with different actions you can perform, such as taking a screenshot, adjusting the volume, or controlling your music playback.

This feature can come in handy when you need to perform quick actions without having to navigate through the phone's menus.