Soumya Prakash Pradhan

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more popular, AI platforms are expanding in the technology field.

Recently, Google's AI platform, Bard, was renamed 'Gemini Advanced' and several new AI features were introduced.

Adding to these advancements, the company has now unveiled ImageFX.

This tool allows users to generate images using text-based prompts, similar to Google Deepmind's Imagen2 text-to-image model.

In addition to ImageFX, Google is enhancing its other AI tools, such as MusicFX and TextFX. These tools are now making up a total of three AI offerings.


ImageFX, available in Google's experimentation labs, enables people to create images using simple text prompts.

The AI service also includes ‘expressive chips,’ allowing users to experiment with different creative dimensions in a photo.

For instance, users can transform a 'Photoreal' portrait into 'Hand drawn,' 'Abstract,' or 'Impressionist' styles using these chips.

This tool is likely to compete with other AI-based image generation services online, such as Midjourney and OpenAI's Dall-E.


Alongside ImageFX, the text-to-music experiment MusicFX can now generate tunes up to 70 seconds long.

Users can explore various options using the expressive chips, then download or share their creations.

The company is also improving output generation speed and enhancing music quality.

These tools accelerate the song writing process by providing suggestions when users are stuck, aiding in lyric writing.


TextLM, another generative AI experiment geared towards lyricists and wordsmiths, is receiving ‘usability updates’ to enhance the user experience.

Output created using MusicFX and ImageFX will be marked with a ‘SynthID,’ a digital watermark, for better recognition.

Additionally, images will contain IPTC metadata for further identification as AI-generated content.

Users can experiment with these features on

This page also offers access to other AI tools such as 'search powered by generative AI,' 'NotebookLM,' 'Duet AI,' 'Help Me Script,' 'Poem Postcards,' 'Magic Editor,' 'Project IDX,' 'Magic Compose,' and more.