Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The eagerly-anticipated RCS feature is now available on Google Messages, supporting dual SIM functionality.

This much sought-after capability was activated by a Telegram user and shared by tipster Assemble Debug on X.

Users, after enabling RCS for both SIMs, can effortlessly switch between connections to send RCS messages.

Previously, Google Messages restricted RCS chats to a single number, but the latest beta version (20240102_00_RC01) revealed dual-SIM RCS support, as noted by the 9to5Google team.

According to Assemble Debug, those who successfully accessed this feature used the Samsung-specific version of the app, and the feature only surfaced after enabling specific flags.

What is an RCS message?

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a messaging protocol for enhanced text messaging. Dual SIM RCS allows RCS features to work seamlessly on smartphones with dual SIM card slots.

Text message Vs RCS messages

RCS messages offer advanced features beyond traditional SMS, including read receipts, typing indicators, higher-quality media sharing, and a more dynamic, chat-like experience. 

Standard text messages lack these features and have more limitations in terms of multimedia content and interactivity.