Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Today, major tech companies are racing to incorporate AI technology into their offerings.

Google, a leading search engine, has already introduced AI-based search results.

Moreover, Google has recently introduced a new feature called Generative AI in Search, similar to Microsoft's March launch.

This feature allows users to easily access generated images while searching.

When a user enters a query, such as ‘Create an image of a cute girl with her family members, including her children and husband, in a rural area,’ the Generative AI in Search will provide up to four images that match the description, as per the report.

By selecting any of these images, users can explore how generative AI enhances their initial search by providing descriptive details.

Users also have the option to customise these images by adding additional details and prompts to get the desired results.

Furthermore, Google has mentioned that users who have opted in to the Generative AI in Search experiment may also see an option to generate AI-powered images directly within Google Images.

It is important to note that this image generation capability is currently available in English in the United States and is limited to users who have opted into the Generative AI in Search experiment and are 18 years or older.