Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The Bard AI, now called Gemini, is available for free with full access to all its features.

However, users can subscribe to Gemini Advanced for more features, similar to how ChatGPT offers a free version and a paid version called ChatGPT Plus.

According to a Google report, Gemini Advanced costs Rs 1,950 per month in India, which is the same price as ChatGPT Plus.

These two services target slightly different audiences. Let's compare Gemini Advanced with ChatGPT Plus:

Gemini Advanced

Like ChatGPT, which provides access to the latest GPT-4 Turbo model, Gemini Advanced allows users to access the Gemini Ultra 1.0 model.

This model is also good at tasks like reasoning, following instructions, coding, and collaboration.

Gemini can also generate pictures based on simple text prompts, similar to ChatGPT.

Both can be used on smartphones by downloading their respective apps for Android or iOS devices.

Gemini Advanced, due to its integration with Assistant, can perform certain tasks typically associated with voice assistants, such as setting an alarm, sending a text message, calling someone, or launching the camera with voice commands, according to a Google blog post.

In Gemini, the AI analyses the subjects of pictures, similar to Google's "circle to search" feature. These features are available not only to Gemini Advanced subscribers but also to free Gemini users.

Which one should you choose: Gemini Advanced or ChatGPT Plus?

If you are already a Google One subscriber, then subscribing to Gemini Advanced makes sense, especially with the bundled Assistant functionalities and Google One benefits.

But if you are primarily looking for a generative AI model to access various GPTs and the latest generative AI innovations, then subscribing to ChatGPT Plus might be the better option, considering the latest features included in both AI tools.

The decision to purchase depends entirely on the user's preferences and budget.