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With Alexa-enabled devices, you can do some exciting stuff such as playing a song, audiobooks, games and so on. This Christmas Alexa came up with lots of interesting things like the Christmas countdown, Christmas songs and games.  Some Alexa skills you can use this Christmas.

Christmas countdown, ask facts about this festival

Firstly, users ask Alexa “How many days till Christmas?” or “Christmas kab hai” in response, they will be able to do the fun quiz with Alexa as she helps their countdown. 

Christmas songs and carols

It is not possible to celebrate Christmas without spreading joy. For this simply say, “Alexa, open Christmas kindness”. Moreover, Alexa also sings Christmas songs and carols. All you need to do is ask Alexa to play Christmas songs or carols. 

Christmas movies with fire TV

You just have to ask Alexa, “Alexa suggest movies on Christmas” it will suggest you the list of movies and shows to watch. You will enjoy this transformation of Alexa.

Decorate Christmas trees with smart lights and switches

You will need some smart plugs and lights which are compatible with Alexa. As you usually do you can decorate your Christmas tree with normal lights or smart lights, then pair the regular bulb with a smart plug or you can directly use smart bulbs and pair them with Alexa. When everything is fixed you need to set up Alexa and create a routine of lights.

Send Christmas cards 

If you are not around printing and mailing cards, Alexa will help you to send digital Christmas cards.

Cook recipes with Alexa

With all these things, Alexa also helps you to cook recipes for Christmas. Just ask “Alexa, give me Christmas recipes” or “Alexa Mujhe Christmas recipe do”

It will help you out of this confusion. Alexa also helps you to set a timer for your cooking to ensure it all goes to plan and also helps you in making the grocery list.