Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The impact of AI on technology is truly mind-blowing, especially with the emergence of new tech tools that are making waves on social media.

One such tool is 'Move AI,' an artificial intelligence application that brings 3D characters to life in videos.

This innovative AI tool allows users to create captivating video content by simply moving and using hand gestures.

'Move AI' employs advanced technology, including AI, computer vision, biomechanics, and physics, to transform 2D videos into realistic 3D motion data.

The beauty of 'Move AI' lies in its ability to mimic your motions and gestures.

Whether you are waving, dancing, or expressing yourself, the AI tool replicates your actions, offering a wide range of character options to incorporate into your videos.

This technology is poised to revolutionise VFX, CGI, and animation.

Currently, 'Move One,' the iOS app store application, is leading the charge.

However, Android users can join the waitlist as the tool is expected to expand to their platform soon.

'Move AI' empowers 3D animators and creators to capture high-quality motion data using standard cameras and phones in any environment.

It is a game-changer, seamlessly translating human movement into the digital realm.

For those eager to explore 'Move One,' the single-camera motion capture app offers 30 free video creations for iPhone users.

To unlock full access, users can opt for the paid plans. The Starter plan, priced at Rs 1245 per user per month in Indian currency, is perfect for individual users.

Meanwhile, Teams plans, catering to a minimum of 3 users, are available at Rs 6228 in India.

In essence, 'Move AI' not only transforms videos but also sparks creativity by bridging the gap between real-world movement and digital expression.