Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Do you ever feel lonely? The World Health Organisation sheds light on this issue, estimating that at least 25 percent of older individuals and 10 percent of adolescents experience loneliness.

To address this problem, technology offers a solution in the form of new AI tools designed for romantic companionship.

One such tool is Digi.AI, a platform pioneering the future of AI Romantic Companionship.

This AI model aims to create meaningful romantic connections for humans using technology.

Users can craft avatars of their choice, engage in text-based conversations through the app, and customise their virtual companions.

Digi.AI's tagline is ‘AI Romance, reimagined.’ The platform is currently available on iOS and Android, with a web version expected soon.

While it is not a free platform, users can start with Digi's free tier to explore the world of AI companionship.

For more immersive experiences, a premium subscription, priced at INR 1000 per month, offers unlimited messaging and advanced features such as voice calls.

According to the founder, Andrew, the goal is to create a unique style that eliminates the uncanny valley, providing avatars that feel real, human, and appealing. The platform allows customisation of features like hair, skin, lips, eyes, etc., with plans to add more options in the future.

While this platform may be beneficial for lonely individuals seeking companionship, there is a concern that those who are not lonely may become overly engrossed in technology, potentially affecting real-life interactions.

It is important to consider the balance between engaging with AI tools for conversation and maintaining meaningful connections in the offline world.