Soumya Prakash Pradhan

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in the news lately with stories of its potential benefits and risks. While some are enthusiastic about AI's potential, others are apprehensive about its impact on society.

Recently, concerns over AI's ability to compromise cyber security were raised after it was claimed that AI could broke one's password at ease.

Passwords broken by AI in under a minute:

The recent study by Home Security Heroes revealed that over 50% of commonly used passwords can be cracked by AI in less than a minute.

The researchers used a computer program called PassGAN to try and guess 15.68 million passwords. PassGAN is an AI password cracker.

The results showed that almost 51% of the common passwords can be breached in less than a minute, while 65% of passwords could be cracked in under an hour.

It is essential to note that this is only possible if you are using easy-to-predict and generic passwords of a small character length, such as your phone number or date of birth.

How to stay safe from this AI revolution?

To stay safe from the AI revolution and keep your passwords secure, it is essential to avoid using common or generic passwords, especially those that only have digits.

Instead, choose passwords that are at least 15 characters long and include a mix of characters, symbols, numbers, and upper and lower-case letters.

It is also recommended to use a password manager to store your passwords safely. The study also suggests having at least two letters (upper and lower-case), numbers, and symbols in your password.

Additionally, it is advisable to change your passwords every three or six months and avoid using the same password for all your accounts, as this can be quite risky.