Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Fake news has become a significant societal issue, especially in the online realm, where its prevalence is pronounced.

Ensuring proper verification of such false information and promoting awareness among the public are of paramount importance.

The endeavour extends beyond just raising awareness; it involves the vital task of dispelling misinformation and presenting accurate facts to people across online platforms.

To address this challenge, government officials have taken steps to counter the spread of fake news, particularly on platforms like WhatsApp and the formerly known Twitter platform, which is now called X.

An official government page, known as the PIB Fact Check, operates on X platform, diligently identifying and debunking instances of false information. The page's role is pivotal in distinguishing authentic news from fabricated claims.

Recently, a misleading claim gained traction on the internet, predominantly circulating on WhatsApp.

The claim stated that the 'Government of India had launched a pan-India helpline number, 104 "Blood on Call," to fulfil blood-related needs.'

In response, the PIB Fact Check addressed this misinformation and categorically stated that the claim was deceptive and that the Indian government had not initiated any such service.

They also clarified that, in certain states, the number 104 is employed for various helpline services, further emphasising the misinformation fallacy.

In this instance, the official handle of PIB Fact Check effectively refuted the fabricated news, reaffirming that the government had not introduced the mentioned service.

This exemplifies the importance of diligent fact-checking and responsible dissemination of accurate information by official sources.

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