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Interested in finding out if you're affected by iPhone spyware? Here's how to figure out if your iPhone has spyware. Here are 5 signs you should watch for:

1. Battery drain
Spyware or stalkerware works by recording specific activity on your iPhone, such as calls you make, texts you send, or photos you take. In order for the spy app to record this information, it will also be active in the background, so it will consume your phone's battery quite quickly. It's certainly worth investigating if your phone's battery suddenly runs out; it could indicate that something is running in the background.

2. Overheating
The use of spy apps on your phone can be resource-intensive. As a result, your device will run a little hotter than usual. Of course, there are many reasons why your iPhone may heat up, but it's an important sign to look out for.

3. High data usage
If you use your phone a lot and it’s infected with spyware, then you’re likely to see a significant increase in your data usage. Most spyware will send the data to the hacker over Wi-Fi or 4G/5G. On iPhone, you can easily see which apps are using more data. You can check the stats under Settings > Mobile Data.

4. Strange apps
There are many types of iPhone spyware. Most are just like regular apps and can be identified by a quick visual audit of installed apps. Advanced ones can be made completely invisible, which means you'll need to run a spyware scan to discover them. Cyber-stalkers often hide spy apps in a ‘Utilities’ folder or other places where their victims won't notice them. Watch for apps hidden in folders.

5. Unknown keyboards
A new type of spyware is emerging that captures everything you type into your keyboard. A hacker gets direct access to your keystrokes through a custom keyboard on your device that looks the same as the official Apple keyboard. You can detect this one relatively easily; just look under Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards. There should be two by default: 'English (US)' and 'Emoji'.

In many cases, removing spyware from an iPhone is more challenging than deleting an app. The reason is that spyware hides deep inside the device's filesystem to avoid detection, so it can be difficult to remove it the same way you would uninstall a regular application. The safest way would be to visit the apple store to take remedial measures.