Soumya Prakash Pradhan

As technology advances, the tools people use are also growing, creating a significant impact on the internet. AI tools, in particular, are performing incredible feats in the tech world.

In October, Adobe introduced its AI tool, Firefly AI, which allows users to make astonishing changes to images simply by providing a text prompt.

This AI journey is expanding further, especially in the realm of video editing.

Adobe is enhancing its platform features by integrating AI into video editing through tools like 'Project Stardust.'

This signifies a future trend in editing, much like the earlier introduction of 'Generative Fill' for text prompts.

Now, in video editing, users can select each element with a simple click and describe the desired changes.

The AI will then execute these changes based on the user's input. The AI tool can even detect and modify objects within a video, such as adjusting the positions of people standing back-to-back.

'Project Stardust' emphasises Adobe's tagline, "Create whatever you can imagine."

It allows users to edit objects directly, not just layers, and generate natural, photo-realistic results using AI-based auto-masking.

This tool is a game-changer, offering the ability to modify pictures with utmost precision.

The tool uses generative AI to edit video frames seamlessly, enabling tasks like removing objects or changing backgrounds.

For users, free accounts provide 25 generative credits per month while a subscription of Rs 420 in INR per month offers 100 credits, access to Adobe Stock, and the removal of watermarks from Firefly-generated images.