Soumya Prakash Pradhan

OpenAI recently introduced its latest powerful model, GPT-4o, boasting greater capabilities than its predecessor, GPT-4.

This new Large Language Model (LLM) is now accessible to all users, and features multimodal abilities.

Users with access to GPT-4o have been impressing the internet with demonstrations of its capabilities. Here are some notable ones:

Facial Recognition

GPT-4o can analyse and provide information about uploaded images of human faces.

You can even ask questions related to the uploaded picture, and GPT-4o will respond.

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Handwritten Notes Transcription

Upload images of handwritten documents and GPT-4o will transcribe and help understand them.

Image Description

GPT-4o can describe the contents of any uploaded image.

Dietary Guidance

Share pictures of your meals, and GPT-4o can estimate their calorie content, making it useful for health-conscious individuals.

Location Recognition

Upload images of unknown locations, and GPT-4o will identify their exact whereabouts.

Translation Assistance

GPT-4o can translate text from images in various languages, benefiting travellers who need instant translations.

Cultural Understanding

GPT-4o can analyse images to provide cultural context, useful for educational purposes.

While these capabilities are impressive, it is worth noting that real-time video analysis demonstrated by OpenAI on May 13 is yet to be released. As development continues, GPT-4o's potential is expected to grow even further.

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