Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Are you excited about Apple's newest store in India, Apple Saket? Following the successful launch of its flagship store in Mumbai, the tech giant is opening a second outlet in Delhi.

Here are five things you should know about this new store.


Despite being almost half the size of Apple BKC, the store in Saket pays almost the same rent.

According to documents shared by CRE Matrix, Apple is paying Rs 40 lakh per month for its Saket store, while it is paying Rs 42 lakh per month for its Mumbai store.

Highly skilled team:

The Apple store in Saket has a very talented team consisting of 70 individuals.

They come from 18 different states in India and can collectively communicate in more than 15 Indian languages.

What's even more noteworthy is that half of this team is made up of women.

Unique Design:

The Apple store in Saket looks nice. It has a curved front and uses white oak tables to show their things. Just like other Apple stores, it runs on renewable energy and is carbon neutral.

Genius Bar:

At Apple Saket, there will be a 'Genius Bar' where customers can book an appointment to receive technical and hardware support.

Whether it's setting up a device, recovering an Apple ID, selecting an AppleCare plan, or modifying subscriptions, the Genius Bar appointments can help with all of these things.

Indian Inspiration:

Like Apple BKC, the tech giant has made attempts to 'Indianise' its second outlet as well. The Apple store in Saket is inspired by Delhi's gates, which represent different parts of the city's history.

It is worth noting that Apple currently has a small share of the Indian smartphone market, which is dominated by Android phones.

However, the company dominates the premium smartphone segment in India, with 65% of the above ₹30,000 smartphones sold in India being iPhones, according to Counterpoint data.