Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Google recently announced a significant upgrade to Google Maps, aligning with the continuous growth of AI technology.

Google Maps now incorporates AI features that offer great benefits to users.

Here are five new AI-powered features of Google Maps that you should be aware of and can utilise on your smartphone for an enhanced mapping experience.

Immersive View

One exciting addition is Immersive View. This feature allows users to experience routes in a 3D format, providing a realistic preview of their surroundings. This is especially useful in unfamiliar or complex areas, preventing users from getting lost or confused. The top view on Google Maps, resembling a drone view, enhances the overall experience.

Lens in Maps

Another noteworthy feature is Lens in Maps. With the help of AI, Google Maps can now identify and label objects and places in real-time through the camera view. This feature significantly improves users' understanding of their surroundings and the particular location, accessible by simply tapping on the 3D views in Google Maps.

AI-Powered Search with Photos

Google Maps now offers photo-first results for specific search terms, utilising billions of community-shared photos. This feature provides a curated list of places that accurately match your search, thanks to advanced image recognition models. Easily find information about the owner and shared experiences in this section.

Advanced Navigation

The update includes improved lane guidance and real-time traffic information, enhancing route planning. Users will now receive additional details about businesses, landmarks, and other features along their route. The new design not only showcases real-time distance and speed but also provides sound alerts for each direction.

EV Charging Station Info

Users can now access detailed information on the location, charger type, speed, and availability of EV charging stations. Additionally, the Google Map results showcase the charging station's estimated time for a fast or slow charge. This information comes from public reviews, reflecting the success of AI features in Google Maps.