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New Delhi: With the Telangana agitation obviously weighing on his mind, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy on Saturday said the state should take into consideration the emotions of the people as well as the long- term "repercussions" of any political decision contemplated.

Addressing the National Integration Council here, Reddy dwelled on issue of `civil disturbances` and said the state must always be vigilant in handling such situations.

"Sometimes when the emotions of all sections of people in a particular state or region are high, disturbing peace and tranquility, it is the responsibility of the Government to tackle it delicately and restore balance.

"Such a situation normally demands a two-dimensional approach - political and administrative," he told the gathering, without referring to the Telangana issue.

The Telangana statehood has been a major issue in Andhra Pradesh ever since the Centre announced the formation of a separate state in December 2009 and called for further consultations on the issue after protests erupted in rest of the state.

"While arriving at any political decision, the state should take into consideration the emotions of the people as well as the long-term repercussions of the decision contemplated.

"Civil disturbances with an emotional component cannot be tackled as mere law and order problem. The state needs to take a larger view," Reddy said and called for restraint among political parties and other leaders on such situations.

With respect to civil disturbances with an "emotional baggage", Reddy said the police should play a "responsible role" while the political solution is being worked out by the Government.

Asking the media to play a larger role in helping people of all communities live in peace and harmony, Reddy stressed the need for making a concerted effort to involve media barons especially those associated with television channels in building a national code.

He said the code should require observance of self-discipline of the "highest order" while telecasting events and statement which have the potential to trigger communal clashes.

The Chief Minister said the country has come across disturbing instances of cross-border terrorism, communal conflicts and Naxalism several times since Independence.

"At times, we have had to face very trying situations with some trouble in one province or the other spreading its tentacles to many parts of the country. Such incidents result in disturbing consequences and leave behind them lasting lessons for policy makers," he said.

This implies, Reddy said, that although there are factors which could trigger nationwide commotion, no force could jeopardise the nation`s basic unity.

"Nothing can weaken the fabric of our nation, considering the healthy outlook of `aam admi`," he said.

Reddy also listed the number of initiatives being taken by the Congress Government to improve the condition of minorities and under-privileged sections of the society.

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