Cassian Baliarsingh

A viral picture of chess Grand Master Viswanathan Anand’s posing with two beautiful chess players have left the internet in splits. The Chess King’s hilarious reaction among the two beautiful women has desis going ROFL.

Well, the two beautiful women posing with Anand are none other than the popular American-Canadian chess players Alexandra Valeria Botez and her sister Andrea. The picture shows Anand standing in between the two sisters.

While the two sisters are all smiles for the camera, Anand looks like he is kidnapped. Sharing the picture on X (formerly known as Twitter), Ms Alexandra hilariously wrote, “Why does it look like we took Viswanathan Anand hostage.”

Since being shared online, the post has taken the internet by storm with social media users flooding the comment section with hilarious replies.

“Trust me, that’s the happiest face I’ve ever seen of him,” a fan hilariously wrote.

A second user wrote, “LOL, maybe he’s thinking about the next move.”

“He might be scared of his wife. Checkmate by two queens,” replied a third user.

Another user jokingly wrote, “If you have any Indian relatives, that's a look you get quite familiar with 😂😂”

The post has already garnered over 1.4M views and over 20K likes on social media.