Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

High drama unfolded in Patna during the start of the Ranji Trophy season with two teams, each claiming to represent Bihar, turned up for the game against Mumbai at the Moin-ul-Haq Stadium on Friday.

The incident happened due to the alleged in-fighting between two factions of Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) that spilled over to the ground. Even there were heated exchanges and a minor scuffle between officials at the start of the game. Eventually, the match started at around 11am following intervention of the local police.

While one team was picked by the BCA president Rakesh Tiwary, the other had the blessings of secretary Amit Kumar. Both the squads reached the ground in the morning to play the game. Eventually, Tiwary’s team played the game.

Later, BCA , in a press release, blamed suspended secretary Amit for coming up with a fake team and attacking an official at the gate.

“There was a life-threatening attack on BCA’s OSD Manoj Kumar by those involved in the fake team. The miscreants have been identified and action will be taken against them,” read BCA press release.