Cassian Baliarsingh

A former player whose team lost a World Cup final comes back as the coach of the new team, improves team bonding, and gets the best out of every individual to finally win the World Cup and reclaim his lost glory.

Well, if you have watched superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s blockbuster movie ‘Chak De India’, you would know how much it relates to Indian coach Rahul Dravid. The ‘great wall’ of cricket and India’s formidable pillar has been nothing short of a blessing to Team India.

Lovingly called as ‘Mr. Dependable’ by his fans, Dravid is the man behind mending the reported fences between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Be it as the coach of the U19 team or the National team, he has taken Indian cricket to new heights.

He is the real hero behind all the cricket and talents we see on the ground. From coaching talents of under 19 to being Head Coach he deserves all the credit. However, in the realm of cricket’s triumphs, centuries, and wicket hauls, he stands a modest man, seldom in the spotlight and never seeking credit.

The unsung hero of Indian cricket missed out on the 1999 World Cup despite being in fine form with the bat, missed out on the 2003 WC despite being a finalist, one bad day put his team out of the 2007 WC and he wasn’t part of the 2011 WC. So, it is high time, the Men in Blue lift the trophy for Rahul Dravid and his massive contribution to Indian cricket.

Even India's skipper is of the opinion that if the 2011 World Cup was for Sachin Tendulkar, this World Cup should be for Rahul Dravid.

Attributing the team’s success to Rahul Dravid, Rohit Sharma said, “The onus now lies on the team to win the World Cup for Dravid as his role has been absolutely massive. For him to give us that liberty to go and play the way we want to play, says a lot about him. The way he stood by the players in difficult times, especially during the T20 World Cup. He wants to be part of this big occasion and it’s for us to do it for him.”

Former all-rounder Mohammed Kaif also heaped praises on Dravid and tweeted, “Rahul Dravid always the man in behind the scene, never one to be in limelight. Great to see him relaxed and smiling. Great motivator, great planner, great patience. Best wishes Rahul bhai you have earned it.”