Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Pakistan great Wasim Akram took a swipe at the former Pakistan player Hasan Raza again for their controversial statements on the use of the DRS at the ongoing ICC ODI World Cup 2023.

After alleging that BCCI and ICC are giving ‘different balls’ to Indian players to help them perform better in the ongoing ICC ODI World Cup 2023, Raza further brought another allegation against BCCI which broke the internet. Raza accused BCCI for manipulating the Decision Review System (DRS). As per Raza, one such manipulation occurred during the Men in Blue’s impressive win against South Africa.

However, legendry bowler Akram slammed Raza for his thoughtless remark.

“The system is not hundred percent full proof. The bad decisions have been made, but it is for both the sides. The ICC and other cricket boards have agreed to use the technology. The controversies which are being created is being done by our own brothers,” said Akram during a television interview.

Notably, Akram had also criticised Raza for his comment on ‘different ball’ being provided to Indian players to help them take advantage during the ongoing ODI World Cup. He slammed Raza (not taking his name) not to insult Pakistan in front of the whole world by giving such silly comments.