Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Former Sri Lanka captain and veteran all-rounder Angelo Mathews became the first player in the history of international cricket to be dismissed ‘timed out’ after Bangladesh skipper Shakib al Hasan successfully appealed against him in a match of the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in New Delhi on Monday.

However, the veteran all-rounder didn’t mince his words in a charged-up post-match press conference after his side’s three-wicket loss.

“I have two minutes to get to the crease and get myself ready, which I did. And then it was an equipment malfunction. And I don’t know where the common sense went, because it’s obviously disgraceful from Shakib and Bangladesh if they want to play cricket like that obviously stooped down to that level I think there is something wrong drastically because – if I got late if I got past my two minutes to get to the crease and the law says you have to be ready within the two minutes and I was there two minutes 45 or 50 seconds – I still had after my helmet broke off, I still had five more seconds to go. And the umpires also have said to our coaches that they didn’t see my helmet breaking. I mean, I was just asking for my helmet,” said Mathews.

“So, it was just pure common sense. I’m not talking about ‘mankading’ or ‘obstructing the field’ here. This is just pure common sense and bringing the game into disrepute. It is absolutely disgraceful,” he added.

Notably, the former Sri Lanka skipper refused the customary ‘hand shake’ of Bangladesh players after the match. As per Mathews, one has to give ‘respect’ to earn ‘respect’.

Meanwhile, several fans were also furious over Shakib for his act and took to social media platforms to slam him for not upholding the spirit of cricket.

“SHAMEFUL! Angelo Mathews was tightening the HELMET and the strip broke, so SHAKIB appealed for TIMED OUT. UMPIRE confirmed the appeal with Shakib and Matthews was unfortunately given TIMED OUT! Shakib should understand that this wasn’t intentional by Angelo!” wrote a fan on X (earlier known as Twitter).

“It is a joke by bangladesh cricket team, These guys are always in controversy. Other than cricket they do all sorts of thing on ground , very poor umpiring,” tweeted another fan.

Responding to the bizarre dismissal, a third user commented, “Bad gamesmanship by Shakib.”