Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Taking it from a cricketer, captain and mentor to a businessman, film producer and an honorary Lieutenant Colonel in Indian Territorial Army, Captain Cool MS Dhoni has played several roles in his life.

Moreover, the former captain of India has also explored another hobby as farming. The current Chennai Super Kings (CSK) skipper turned to full time farming in 2020. He also currently does farming on a land of around 40 acres in his hometown in Ranchi.

Fans often wonder about the reason behind Dhoni turning to farming despite earning in crores. In a rare video interview, Dhoni has recently revealed the reason behind his passion for farming.

As per Dhoni, they had a 40 acre land and during Covid times he got a lot of time. The situation propelled him to make farming more extensive in 2020.

“I come from a small town. From the childhood, we had proximity to farming. It was not a new concept for me. As far this farming is concerned, we started before Covid hit. We had a piece of land of around 40 acres but were farming on just four to five acres. During Covid, when I had time in my hand, I felt this is a right time to enter farming full time,” said Dhoni during the interview.

“I find the process of growing a crop very fascinating. A bhindi (ladyfinger) you see at night is small in size. However, in the next morning, it has grown full in size. The production phenomenon such as this made him more enthuasastic about farming,” the CSK skipper added.