Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Veteran wicketkeeper-batsman MS Dhoni enjoys an iconic status in Indian cricket. He is popularly known as ‘Captain Cool’ among the fans. Many experts also claim that the legendary cricketer has groomed several raw talents and transformed them into great cricketers.

However, Dhoni has his share of controversies as well. Many cricketers have also brought serious allegations against MSD.

Recently, former India cricketer and Bengal legend, Manoj Tiwary stated that he would like to ask Dhoni why he was dropped despite scoring a century in a one-day international. The 38-year-old boasted that he had the potential to be a Rohit Sharma or a Virat Kohli, but lamented the lack of opportunities given to him at the top level.

“I would like to ask Dhoni why was I dropped from the playing XI in 2011 after scoring a century? I had the potential to be a hero just like Rohit Sharma, and Virat Kohli but could not be. Today, when I see many people getting more opportunities on TV, I feel sad,” said Tiwari.

Moreover, former India off-spinner Harbhajan Singh had also voiced his displeasure over his treatment by Dhoni after the 2011 World Cup. The cricketer retired from all forms of the game in December 2021. Just a few days after hanging up his boots, he opened up about his disappointment over not being given a reason for being dropped from the Indian team.

“I was 31 when I picked up my 400th Test wicket, and if a 31-year-old can pick up 400 wickets, then in the next eight-nine years, I feel I could have taken at least a hundred more. But after that, I didn’t get to play matches; neither was I selected. How can someone with 400 wickets be discarded is a mysterious story in itself, which hasn’t been unraveled yet. I still wonder, what really happened? Who had a problem with me staying in the team?” Bhajji had asked.

“I tried to ask Captain Dhoni why, but I wasn’t given a reason. I realized there is no point in me asking for the reason for this treatment, and who is behind it because if you keep asking and no one replies, then it’s better to leave it,” he had added.

Former India opener Gautam Gambhir has been a vocal critic of Dhoni in his post-retirement years. He has made no bones about his opinion that the latter has got a lot more credit than he has deserved for the 2007 and 2011 World Cup triumphs. According to Gambhir, players like Yuvraj Singh have not got their due even as MSD keeps getting praise for his achievements.

“It’s unfortunate that when we talk about the 2007 and 2011 World Cups, we don’t take Yuvraj Singh’s name. Why not? It’s only and only marketing and PR and portraying one individual as the biggest and everyone else as smaller than him,” Gambhir had said.

Team India’s former flamboyant southpaw Yuvraj Singh’s father and former cricketer Yograj Singh had also slammed Dhoni accusing him of being the reason behind Yuvraj’s exclusion from the Indian team.

However, despite all these allegations, Dhoni has so far maintained a mysterious silence. He has never opened his mouth in response to the serious allegations against him.

As per some experts, Dhoni has nothing to prove to anyone as his contribution to Indian cricket has been immense and it speaks a lot for him.

Well, Dhoni may not be talking about all the allegations against him. However, some of the critics are pretty vocal about the matter. While some of them are of the opinion that Dhoni thinks he is above all, others indicate that it shows Dhoni’s adamant attitude off-field.

“Doesn’t the nation have the right to know about the honesty and sportsman spirit of Dhoni? Shouldn’t we know what he has done to protect the integrity of the game?” asked a fan under the condition of anonymity.