Cassian Baliarsingh

India’s heartbreaking defeat to Australia in the 2023 World Cup is a bad memory that will stay in cricket lovers' hearts forever. Despite India’s 10 consecutive wins to reach the Final, the humiliating loss is still haunting sports lovers.

Almost a month has passed by, but the loss is still haunting cricket lovers. Everyone was confident of India’s win as all the players were in terrific form. Now, India star bowler Mohammed Shami has finally opened up about the defeat and said that the ‘Men in Blue’ gave their best, but in vain.

The speedster said that they gave their best to continue their momentum throughout the tournament and also to win the final match. He further added that he is still in shock and cannot explain what and where the team went wrong in the Final.

“The whole nation was disappointed when India lost the World Cup. We tried hundred per cent to continue the momentum till the end that we had created. But, it cannot be explained, where we went wrong,” Shami said.

Speaking to Aaj Tak, he also opened up on PM Modi’s visit and said, “We were heartbroken after the loss and were sitting dejectedly. It was like our hard work of two months went in waste just because of one match. It was our bad day and we were dejected but then the PM enters, you have to keep your head high.”

“We were not even told that Modiji was coming there and suddenly he entered. Earlier, we were not even in the mood to eat and talk to each other but when he came, it was such a big surprise for us,” he added.