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The conman who had cheated wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant of Rs 1.6 crore has finally been arrested. Although he is just 25, he has conned several people including celebrities, 5-star hotels, international brands, restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, young women, and cab drivers.

The accused has been identified as Mrinank Singh. According to police, Singh always had a desire to live a luxurious lifestyle, dine in expensive restaurants, stay in five-star hotels, and take advantage of girls. He posed as an IPL player of the Mumbai Indians (MI) team and as a senior police officer. He created an impression that he was popular which helped him influence women, dine in expensive restaurants, and stay in five-star hotels without paying bills.


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He even stayed at the Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi for a week and fled the luxury hotel without paying a Rs 5.53 lakh bill. When asked to pay the bill, he made the staff believe that he was the brand ambassador of Adidas that would pay his bills.

Believing him, the hotel staff shared their bank details. However, he later switched off his phone when the hotel tried to contact him. He frequently changed his address and phone number and made his family members believe that he was settled in Dubai.

Based on several complaints in his name, a lookout notice was issued and he was detained at Delhi airport while trying to escape to Hong Kong. Police have found several objectionable photos of him with several women, and he was even involved in purchasing drugs.

Shockingly, he is only a Commerce graduate. Reportedly, his family has disowned him as they had no control over him.