Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A sportsperson’s career is often filled with struggle and hardships. They have to make lots of adjustments in their career to be eventually successful. Indian athlete Satnam Singh Bhamara’s life story is no different.

Satnam was the first Indian to be drafted into NBA in 2025. However, the 7’ 2” athlete drafted by the Dallas Mavericks, faced several challenges in making a lasting impact in the NBA.

Satnam faced a two-year ban in 2020 for failing a doping test. Subsequently, he shifted his focus to professional wrestling in 2021. All Elite Wrestling (AEW), an American professional wrestling organization, signed him in September 2021. He made his televised debut in April 2022. Then he fully embraced his new career in professional wrestling and never looked back. He took it like a duck takes to water.

After coming a long way in professional wrestling, Satnam has recently reflected on his NBA experience.

“I don’t get angry now on how things happened after that. I have accepted it. My time at NBA was valuable learning years for me,” said Satnam in a recent interaction.

Satnam’s journey serves as a testament to adapting to challenges and pursuing new opportunities by taking huge risks beyond one’s comfort zone.