Slice of Rajasthan in Kolkata

Kolkata: Bringing a slice of Rajasthan to Kolkata for the wanderlust-stricken Bengalees, a typical desert village scene with hanging Rajasthani Kathputli and camels came alive before the run-up to Durga puja festivities.

As brightly turbaned Rajputs munched typical delicacies Jodhpuri Mirchi Wada, Papad Magori Ki Subzi, Jodhpuri Biryani, Missi Roti and Makhan Wada, perched on charpoys under thatched roof in a typical rural courtyard, visitors at the Rajasthani Food Festival looked on.

"I have sought to present the delicacies bearing distinct flavor of their states of origin, with authentic spices from that particular region. Here we have sought to explore the heritage of Rajasthan through royal cuisine, like the favourite dishes of the Maharaja of Udaypur," Rajasthani chef Sadhu Ram, flown from a speciality hotel in Jaipur, said.

To familiarise the Kolkatans and people from other parts as well as foreigners visiting the metropolis around this time of the year in the city with typical Rajasthani cuisine, the chef and his team have retained the strong characteristics of the food instead of diluting or indigenizing, Ram, having worked with various speciality Rajashtani chains in other cities, said.

"Being a new entrant in the hospitality segment with its wide ranging north Indian menus we think Khanasutra can be the perfect place for the Marawari food festival in this part of the country and the whole desert camel decor and a la carte menu reflecting all about places like Marwar has been a hit with the visitors which also include Marwaris based in the east," Jayanta Banerjee, executive chef of Chrome Hotel said.

"The camel, the huts, the Kathputli puppets will rekindle the interest about the state, a treasure trove from tourism point of view and the food will be the catalyser. We hope similar food festivals about eastern cuisine could be organised in the desert land in its authentic form. We had been bombarded with requests from our Marwari visitors in the city to introduce the typical Rajasthani dishes and this will only give rise to more interest about the two palaces and increase tourist flows perhaps," Indranil Banerjee said from the hotel. The food festival will continue till August 19.