Manoj Kumar Jena

As Axiom Mission’s crew is preparing to land on Earth after serving their time at the International Space Centre (ISS), astronaut Marcus Wandt shared mesmerising views of the Earth from the ISS. 

While Marcus was leaving the ISS and boarding in a hatch of Space X’s Dragon spacecraft, he captured video and photos of the Earth. 

In the video, Marcus managed to capture amazing views of the Earth. The view of continents and oceans from up above looked beautiful.

Besides, the oceans looked deep blue as the light of the sun made the oceans shine more brighter. 

Apart from the video, the photos of the Earth which were captured by Marcus made the netizens go ‘wow.’ In the photos, the Earth looked satisfying to netizens and it was covered with sheets of cloud. 

Marcus also captured the visuals of the space station in his video. Through the video, it can be presumed that the space looked beautiful with quietness. 

The video was shared on the official Instagram handle of europeanspaceagency.

The netizens were amazed by the view of the Earth from space as one user wrote, “Astonishingly beautiful,” and another user wrote, “How satisfying.” (SIC)

Till the filing of this report, the post has amassed 30.4K views.

The crew of Axiom Mission is scheduled to return to Earth tomorrow (Feb 5). As per the European Space Agency, the trip back to Earth will take around 24 hours. Marcus along with crew members Walter Villadei, Alper Gezeravcı and Michael López-Alegría will land on Earth.