Suryakant Jena

Palpable tension erupted at Postal colony in Satyanagar area of Bhubaneswar on Wednesday after an enforcement squad of BMC demolished a house situated on a government plot. 

According to sources, one Urmila Das, a local resident had been staying at the plot for the last 60 years. She alleged that the BMC intentionally razed her house over revenge politics since her husband Banshidhar had actively campaigned for the BJP in the elections. 

Urmila claimed that despite presence of house of another local resident in the nearby government plot adjacent to their land, their property was not even touched by the enforcement team.

On the other hand, the civic body authorities clarified that the house was demolished after the dweller did not vacate the place despite issuance of eviction notice thrice. The BMC has said that eviction notice was sent to the house as it was encroaching upon government land.

Surendra Beuria, BMC official said the demolition of house was carried as part of eviction exercise to free the entire stretch between Toshali Bhawan to Postal depot from encroachments. There is no political link behind the eviction.

An exasperated Urmila said, “I have been staying in Satyanagar for the last 60 years, but the BMC has turned deaf ears to my pleas. I don’t know where to go since the administration has also not made arrangements for my rehabilitation. I was flushed out of the house forcibly and before I could safely move my belongings, the bulldozer ran over my house."

On reasons behind demolition of her house, Urmila says the new councillor and 3 other people of her village had objected to the presence of her house on government land.

(Report by Chandan Paikaray)