Suryakant Jena

Two years ago, Rajeev Kishan had never expected that he would have to see that fateful day. In Novermber 20, 2020, Kishan's fight against the alleged apathy of the administrative system made him so desperate that he did not hesitate from setting a government office on fire. 

A resident of Ghichamura, Kishan claimed that he was extremely frustrated at the indifference towards him from the government machinery when he was battling to seek justice over a land fraud case. The situation irked him so much that he set Rengali Tehsil office on fire which destroyed countless official papers and other items

Two years later, Kishan now however has now become a part of the same system that he once despised. Once fighting for his own rights, Kishan has now taken up the cudgels to fight for others after earning public mandate to become a Sarpanch in the recent Panchayat Elections from Ghichamura gram panchayat. 

Speaking on the turn of his fate from a rebel to representing the hopes and aspirations of thousands of people of his panchayat, Kishan recounted that he had revolted and set fire on Rengali Tehsil office to show his protest and teach the powers that be so that such injustice is not meted out to anyone else. 

"Some miscreants sold my land with forgery leaving me to run from pillar to post to speak out against the injustice. I sought help from MLA and even knocked doors of the judiciary but failed to get justice and so I took the extreme step," said Kishan.