Odishatv Bureau

Former Congress MP Rahul Gandhi allegedly insulted a journalist during his first address to the media on Saturday after being disqualified from Lok Sabha.

During the presser, when a journalist questioned him on his conviction in 'Modi surname' case, Gandhi said, "Don’t pretend to be a pressman...Kyun hawa nikal gayi?"

So, what actually did the journalist ask? 

Journalist: Rahul Ji after the conviction, the BJP is now claiming that you had insulted the entire OBC community and they (BJP) are planning to hold press conference across the country.

Rahul Gandhi: See, your first attempt was from there (pointing towards his left), second attempt was from there (pointing towards the middle) and the third attempt is from here (pointing towards his right). Why are you so directly working for the BJP? Do it with some discretion. Ask by moving here and there. See, now he (the journalist) is smiling. Let me give you an example... "If you want to work for the BJP, then bring (wear) a BJP symbol (badge) here and put it on your chest. Then I will answer you the same way I answer them. Don’t pretend to be a pressman.


During the presser, Gandhi said that his voice cannot be silenced by disqualifying him or putting him in jail. However, he didn't say anything about his or the Congress' legal or political plan after the disqualification.

Gandhi was convicted by a Surat court on Thursday in a 2019 criminal defamation case. Later, after the Court's ruling, he was disqualified from Lok Sabha.