Pradeep Pattanayak

The Biju Janata Dal (BJD) has been accused of distributing money among the voters in Padampur constituency. The villagers of Bageijuri village have alleged so. 

The voting for the by-election to the Padampur seat started at 7 am. While the polling was going on smoothly, the allegation of the BJD distributing money among the voters was reported from Bageijuri village. The villagers alleged that some outsiders were noticed distributing money among the people at booth number 189 asking them to vote for the BJD. 

The enraged villagers even detained two persons on charges of distributing money. Later, on being informed, police reached the spot. But, they allegedly managed to flee from the spot.  The villagers alleged that a BJD worker of their village had given shelter to them and they were distributing Rs 1000 to each voter. 

“A person from Cuttack had stayed in our village. As per the rule, he should have left the place. He was the person who distributed the money. When we opposed them, police arrived and took them away and later released them. We told them that they were doing wrong and were with the BJD,” alleged Padmalochan Biswal, a villager. 

Coming in support of Padmalochan, a Bageijuri resident Narendra Meher said, “The BJD had distributed Rs 1000 to each voter. We are eight members and received Rs 8000.”

When asked, Hrudamani Pradhan, who gave them shelter the previous night, said, “They had taken shelter for a night. They were from Cuttack. I allowed them because they told me that they had nowhere to spend the night. I know nothing more about them.”

In this regard, no reaction has so far been received from the BJD.

(Reported by Sanjay Jena from Padampur, OTV)