Suryakant Jena

The draft lists of reservations for the upcoming three-tier panchayat elections in Odisha are being published on Friday.

The lists which are being published at the district level will specify the quota attached for each post of Ward Member, Sarpanch, Panchayat Samiti Member, Block Chairman and Zilla Parishad Member across the State.

Candidates willing to object the allotment of reservation for the posts of Ward Member, Sarpanch, Samiti Member and Block Chairman can file claims by October 16.

The disposal of the claims shall be done by the Collectors at the district level by October 21. The final list of reservation will be published on October 26.

Likewise, candidates can also file objections against the reservation in the draft list for Zilla Parishad posts which is also being released today. Claims and objections in such cases will be entertained till October 18.

Collectors have been empowered to dispose the claims by October 22. The government will approve the reservation list on October 29 which will be followed by the communication of the final list to the State Election Commission on October 30.

The State government will also publish the draft reservation list for the Zilla Parishad President posts on October 16. The list will be finalized on October 29 and the final list will be submitted before the SEC on October 30.

SEC Secretary Rabindra Nath Sahoo said the process for preparation of voter list will be initiated after finalization of the reservation process on October 30.

The entire process for preparation of voter list will take around one to two months, said Sahoo.