Pradeep Pattanayak

Even after Congress has nominated Santosh Singh Saluja for the Kantabanji Assembly seat in Odisha, there are speculations that he may quit the party. 

While leaders including Ayub Khan had earlier said that Saluja is interested in joining BJD, the recent statement of his supporters at a party meeting has only added fuel to the fire, setting tongues wagging. 

“Wherever Santosh Singh Saluja goes, I assure here that we will make him victorious in our booths, panchayats and block,” said a supporter of Saluja. 

“We all should be united. I am with sir (Santosh Singh Saluja) wherever he goes. There are seven panchayats in Zone 26. And, his win in these seven panchayats is certain,” said another supporter. 

Even though Saluja has not commented on the matter, his supporters' statements have created ripples in Kantabanji politics. 

After the meeting, Saluja briefed journalists but didn’t say anything about what his supporters said. 

“A Congress workers conference was held today. Common people and workers from all three blocks and 16 wards of Kantabanji municipality participated. Our discussion mainly focused on how to win the election, and get district status for Kantabanji, NAC status for Bangomunda and make Sindhekela a block. We also discussed how to make people aware of proper voting,” Saluja said.

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