Himansu Shekhar Rout

As electioneering is gradually picking up pace for the 2024 polls, recording studios in the twin cities, Berhampur and other parts of Odisha are abuzz churning out campaign songs of political parties. 

Good songs and music have become an essential part of election rallies, processions and meetings. 

As per reports, work is in full swing in recording studios as parties and candidates are making a beeline for their campaign songs. 

Singers, music directors, lyricists, composers, technicians and musical hands have their plates full and it means good earnings. 

Singer Sanju Mohanty said, "There is much tension for artists while rendering voice for albums, serials, and film songs. But when it comes to singing for election campaigns, it is fun. We enjoy this time. Singers remix some popular and trending songs as preferred by candidates.” 

Singer Shiba Shankar Sarangi said, "I have already rendered my voice for four songs. In the previous election time, I had sung over 200 songs.”

Music director Dillip Mohanty observed, "Usually popular songs have good demand. Candidates sometimes prefer the songs of their choice.” 

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In Cuttack, studios are demanding Rs 40,000 to Rs 1 lakh per song. The voice of popular singers commands a good price.  
Singer Tarik Aziz said, "Artists belong to no parties. We sing songs for all parties – BJP, BJD and Congress." 

Pointing out the business aspect, Gulam, owner of a music studio said, "If the candidate wants a new song with original composition, the price is a little high as so many things have to be done afresh.”

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