Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Maha Bishuba Sankranti is being celebrated across Odisha today. The special day is also being celebrated as ‘Odia New Year’. The importance of this day is that the new Odia almanac comes into effect from this day. 

Going by this new almanac, many astrologers have started predicting the fate of political parties and their leaders in the upcoming elections. They are of the view that Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister of India for the third time in a row. As per their calculations, though Naveen Patnaik will be the Chief Minister of Odisha, there will be instability in his party. 

As per different astrological predictions, the importance of candidates, not their parties, will increase in the upcoming elections. As per the new Odia almanac, while the king is positioned on the Moon, the minister is on Jupiter. Moreover, the examiner is on the Saturn and the priest is executing his duty on Ravi. As the Moon is cool, the general public will choose the present ruler in the upcoming election. Based on their predictions, a stable government will be formed in the country and it will provide stability to both the nations and the state.

According to eminent astrologer Naresh Chandra Dash, as there have been conflicts between countries, India will give the message of peace to the globe.

“As the moon is cool and the minister is Jupiter, the elected rulers will rule the country wisely,” said Dash.

As per the numerology based on the almanac, BJP’s number is one which is Ravi’s number. Hence, it will be beneficial for the party in the upcoming elections. Similarly, nine is BJD’s number. As per the astrological prediction, though BJD will perform well, its result will be somehow more affected than the earlier elections. However, Naveen Patnaik is likely to be the Chief Minister of Odisha again as his zodiac is Gemini.

According to eminent astrologer Manoj Lenka, Congress’ number is two which belongs to the Moon. Hence there will be instability within the party.

“As per the horoscope, Naveen Patnaik will be the Chief Minister of Odisha again. However, the stature of some earlier MPs and MLAs will diminish. BJP’s performance will improve in the state,” said Lenka.

Meanwhile, the astrological predictions notwithstanding, all the main political parties in Odisha have exuded confidence about good results in the upcoming elections.

“Odia New Year will be lucky for BJP. A corruption-free BJP government capable of delivering good governance will be formed in Odisha,” said BJP leader Biranchi Tripathy.

“Congress will perform well in the upcoming election. As many as 80 per cent of tickets have been provided to young leaders. We are expecting a good result this time,” said veteran Congress leader Suresh Routray.

“BJD is going to make history in the upcoming election. Naveen Patnaik will be the Chief Minister for the sixth time. With blessings from the people of Odisha, BJD is going to form the government again with a three-fourths majority,” said BJD leader Chinmay Sahu.