Union Home Minister Amit Shah claimed on Saturday that the alliance between RJD and JD-U is like oil and water, which cannot be mixed.

He also said that water is always on the receiving end, as oil makes it dirty.

Addressing a BJP rally at Jhanjharpur in Madhubani district on Saturday, Shah said: “Nitish Kumar made the alliance to become the Prime Minister, but I want to say that the alliance will drown him.

"The alliance between Nitish Kumar and Lalu Ji is an alliance of self-interest. One wants to become the Prime Minister, while another wants to make his son the Chief Minister of Bihar. I want to tell them that neither Nitish Ji, nor Lalu Ji will realise theirs goal as the Prime Minister's post is not empty. In 2024, the people of the country will make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister again. 

The Home Minister also claimed that as Lalu Prasad has become active in Bihar, Nitish Kumar has become inactive.

"They have unleashed Jungle Raj in Bihar. The UPA during its tenure from 2004 to 2014 had done scams worth more than Rs 12 lakh crore and Lalu Ji was part of it. He was involved in the IRCTC scam and earned millions of rupees. The court case is underway but Nitish Ji is turning a blind eye to his corruption. Due to the scams during the UPA's tenure, they have even changed the name of its alliance.

“Nitish Ji is well aware that the UPA government did nothing for Bihar. So they have changed the name from UPA to INDIA to hide the scams. I want to tell the people of Jhanjharpur to understand that Lalu Ji is the same leader who pushed the state far behind,” Shah said.

Shah also claimed that recently the Lalu-Nitish government had issued a 'fatwa' to cancel leaves on Janmashtami and Raksha Bandhan, a decision which was rolled back after the people of Bihar protested against it.

"I am thankful to the people of Bihar who protested against such a decision,” Shah said.

“During the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the people of Bihar gave 40 per cent votes and 31 seats to the NDA and made Narendra Modi the Prime Minister. In 2019, the people of Bihar gave 53 per cent votes and 39 seats to the NDA to re-elect Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister.

“Only the BJP can end Jungle Raj in Bihar. It is the only party which can give security to each and every person in the state,” the Home Minister said.