After living in the dark for the last 75 years, finally electricity has reached the Parcheli village in Chhattisgarh.

The village falls under the Maoist-affected district of Dantewada.

The irony of the locals living in this village was that they were forced to live in darkness for years because of its remote geographical location and also being a highly security-sensitive area.

The condition of the Parcheli village has now been transformed with the houses of 4,000 families getting electricity.

The locals said they used to shut themselves in their homes after completing all their work till the sun was up, and had to use lanterns for moving in the night.

Some of the electricity woes were resolved by the arrangement of solar energy lighting under the alternative arrangement by Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency. But now the whole area has got relief due to 100 per cent electrification of the village.

It may be noted that 100 per cent electrification of the villages of the district has been done by the District Electricity Distribution Company, Maryadit under the guidance of Collector Vineet Nandanwar.

For the locals of Parcheli village, who seemed to be living in the old era of lanterns and diyas, the total electrification has brought a new way of living. The locals are hoping that electricity will bring development now.