Cassian Baliarsingh

A man sparked debate online after he refused to attend a friend’s wedding due to the ‘no alcohol’ policy at the marriage venue. A section of social media users brutally trolled the man for giving more importance to alcohol than his friend.

However, many others highlighted that marriage was about fun and masti and it was nothing without alcohol. The internet remained divided over the topic of ‘no alcohol’ at weddings after a Reddit user shared his story.

The user took to Reddit and asked if he was wrong to decline to attend the wedding on New Year’s Eve. Sharing his story, the user wrote, “My buddy (33M) is getting married to a girl that our friend group is not in love with. He loves her though so we support him. We have known for months this was a New Year's Eve wedding.”

He continued, “Several friends and I operated under the assumption that there would be booze at the wedding, especially considering it is on New Year’s Eve.  Well, I found out yesterday that it is a dry wedding.”

“Later, I texted the groom buddy and told him that my wife and I wouldn't be going.  We want to spend the night drinking. I texted the rest of my friends about this and oh boy, the group chat went off.  This led to several more people backing out. This is not how a bunch of us expected to spend New Year’s Eve,” the user concluded.

This did not go well with social media users who pointed out that they could have just showed up at the wedding and left after an hour or so.

“I love drinking and hate a dry wedding as much as the next guy, but you can show up to the wedding ceremony, spend an hour or two at the reception, and then go get black-out drunk,” a user noted.

Another user wrote, “If drinking means more to you than a friendship, you might need to evaluate a few things.”

“The groom needs to get better friends than this bunch of assholes,” a third user wrote.