Cassian Baliarsingh

Kota, the coaching hub in Rajasthan, is known for hundreds of coaching institutes where students dream to crack prestigious government examinations.

Every year, thousands of students throng Kota to prepare for AIIMS, JEE, UPSC and other prestigious government examinations. Several web-series and movies based on the life of students in Kota have also grabbed eyeballs on social media.

Meanwhile, a Twitter post of ‘kachoris’ being served on paper plates made from Chemistry notes has left netizens amazed. The kachori shop at Kota junction railway station allegedly serves kachoris on paper plates made of chemistry notes.

Sharing few pictures, Twitter user Anushka wrote, “Kota Mai Kachori Bhi Padhai Karte Huye Khaani Padti Hai.”

After being shared online, the post has garnered over 139.8K views with 3742 likes and 186 retweets. Twitteratis are reacting to the post and posting hilarious comments.

A user wrote, “Kachori wale bhaiya bhi Schrodinger wave equation sunne ke baad he dete hai (The shopkeer must be serving Kachoris only after listening to Schrodinger wave equation).”

“Kota Walon K Purane Books Hai. Jinka Crack Nahin Hota, Who Kachori ka Business Start Karte hain (Must be books of some previous aspirants, those who don’t crack the exam start Kachori business),” read the comment on another user.

A third user commented, “I’ve heard they use the blood of students who hang themselves instead of plain tomato ketchup in Kota… is it true?”

“Wah, Kota Main Khane Ki Dish Main Bhi Padhaai (Kota serves Studies as food dish),” commented another user while a user shared hanging ropes(suicide) and claimed it was lamps in Kota.

“Best of luck for IIT in advance,” wrote another user.