Cassian Baliarsingh

Aurora Sky Castner is a proud girl as she is all set to study law at the prestigious Harvard University in the upcoming fall semester. From being born in a prison to securing admission to Harvard, Castner’s indomitable spirit and unwavering determination are nothing short of remarkable.

Even though she was born within prison walls, she has exceeded all odds and defied expectations, and forged a unique path.

According to a report in The New York Post, Castner’s mother was incarcerated at the time she gave birth. Soon, she had to be separated from her mother as her father picked her up as a newborn from jail and raised her as a single parent.
He has been there with her since then.

Moreover, Castner was a talented girl and exhibited exceptional academic prowess from a young age. A school staff introduced her to a community mentorship program where adult volunteers grab lunch with young students at least once a week and advise them on their needs, goals, fears, and futures.

It was during the mentorship program, Castner meet Mona Hamby who has been her support system since then.

“I was given a paper about her. Her hero was Rosa Parks, her favourite food was tacos from Diary Queen and she loved to read. I thought this sounds like a bright little girl,” Mona told New York Post.

She decided to mentor Castner as she also did not have a mother in her life.

It was Mona who had taken Castner for her first haircut at a salon, helped her get glasses, and took her to tour Harvard’s campus in March 2002 when Castner knew that it was her future calling.

“I am beyond excited to be attending Harvard College. I cannot wait to meet my fellow classmates,” said an excited Castner.