Vikash Sharma

India is a land full of talent. One comes across several unique innovations as well as ‘jugad’ to find solutions to many problems at regular intervals on social media. This time, a standard nine student from Karimganj in Assam is in the news for developing specially-designed footwear for the visually impaired.

As per an ANI report, the student Ankurit Karmakar has designed a sensor-enabled smart shoe for the visually impaired. Ankurit, who wants to become a scientist, said that he came up with this smart shoe to make lives easier for blind people.

From the first look, one gets the feeling that it is some sort of a specially-designed gadget, similar to those shown in various James Bond movies. As the shoe comes with a sensor, it will send an alert to the user regarding an approaching obstacle in the way.

“If there's an obstacle in the way, the sensor in the shoe will detect it and the buzzer will give an alert. When the buzzer will ring, the visually impaired person will be able to hear it and he can become alert and act accordingly to avoid the obstacle,” Ankurit Karmakar was quoted by ANI.

Several Twitter users also congratulated the boy for his unique concept. “Kudos to his empathy for the visually impaired and his creativity,” tweeted a user. (sic)

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