Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The relationship between a teacher and his/her student is considered the most sacred relationship. It is a teacher who guides students in academics and hones their skills and intelligence. A teacher shapes the future of a child by imparting knowledge, tradition, good values, and all other things required to become a better human being. 

The teacher also helps out a student to bring out their best version. However, a Pakistani student and a teacher stepped ahead to break the stereotypes. They fell in love and got married.

Yes, though such a report of a student getting married to his/her teacher is nothing new, this unusual report from Pakistan is utterly shocking as the girl student is merely 20-year-old and she got married to her 52-year-old teacher.

20-year-old Zoya Noor, an undergraduate majoring in B.Com, fell in love with her teacher Sajid Ali. She got attracted to his outstanding personality. However, Sajid Ali didn’t accept the proposal and refused to marry her citing the massive age difference between them.

While talking about their unusual relationship with a Pakistani YouTuber and content creator Syed Basit Ali, the couple explained their journey.  

As Zoya said, Sajid told her “There’s a massive age difference (32 years) between us. We can’t marry each other," when she proposed to him.

On the other hand, Sajid told that had no reservations about marrying his student and asked for a week.

However, during this time, he started to fall in love with his student.

The couple even mentioned how both of their relatives had a problem in giving approval to their marriage.

As per Zoya, Sajid was too handsome to marry her. But, the 20-year-old girl didn’t step back after falling in love. 

While Zoya liked the way her teacher taught, Sajid is a fan of the food she cooks and the tea she makes.

Once again it is proved that love is blind and a person falling in love will leave no stone unturned to overcome the hurdles to unite.