Mrunal Manmay Dash

A youth was saved by the fire fighters after he jumped from Subarnapur bridge over Mahanadi river near Banki in Cuttack on Friday in an apparent bid to commit suicide.

The youth is reportedly from Bhubaneswar and had jumped off the bridge on Thursday night.

Sources said he had a quarrel with his parents at home in Bhubaneswar. He was depressed and decided to end his life. He reportedly went to Mahanadi bridge near Banki to commit suicide by jumping off of it.

he jumped from the bridge, he got stuck somewhere in the river. Locals spotted him in the morning and informed the fire department and the police, who came and rescued the youth from the river.

Speaking about the incident, a fire fighter from Damapada Fire Department, Purna Chandra Swain said, “He had come to commit suicide last night by jumping over this bridge after a quarrel in his home. But by God’s grace, he did not die even after jumping from the bridge. Our team reached the spot in the morning and rescued him.”

The youth wished not to speak about the incident.