Cassian Baliarsingh

A purported video of senior BJP leader Kanak Vardhan Singh Deo and Bolangir SP Nitin Kusalkar engaged in a heated argument over the rising crime rate in the district and the worse law and order situation has gone viral on social media.

“Bolangir and Patnagarh are witnessing a rise in criminal activities in the recent past. Police have miserably failed to put an end to crimes in the district. This is a disgrace for Bolangir police and the police uniform,” KV Singh Deo was heard saying in the video.

However, Bolangir SP shoots back at Deo and asks him not to use the word ‘disgrace’.

To this, Deo once again questions, “Tell me one case you have cracked?”

The Bolangir SP replies, “We will crack soon. But, don’t use the word ‘disgrace’. I have serious reservations about the word ‘disgrace’. We can discuss it later.”

Deo once again says, “Disgrace is not an unparliamentary word” to which Bolangir SP said, “You are talking to me this way, as if you are directing me.”

Deo again says, “I’m not directing you. I only said you are disgracing the police uniform. We have been sitting here for the last two days. You also received the application. But, you did not come here. Now, you are coming for discussion after 36 hours. There is a law and order situation in your district and is this how you react? Police are for the protection of the people. If you lose the faith and trust of the people, then you are not competent to wear this uniform.”

He continues, “My entire family has worn this uniform. But they have never disgraced this uniform.”

“Sir, I have sent officers for proper investigation. I assure you that the cases will be solved within one week,” the SP concludes.

Though the incident occurred two days back, the video has been going viral after an onlooker present during the protest shot the video and shared it on the social media platforms.

According to reports, KV Singh Deo and his supporters staged a sit-in over the rise in crimes in the district. However, not a single police official reached the protest venue to discuss the matter with the protestors.

Bolangir SP Nitin later reached out to the protestors on the second day after 36 hours which led to the heated argument.

The agitation was called off after the SP assured that all the criminals would be arrested within a week.


(Reported by Manaranjan Joshi and Karunakara Budek, OTV)