Pradeep Pattanayak

It may sound strange but true. Two brothers living in Suganketa village under the Daringbadi block of Kandhamal district have become ‘lakhpatis’ by growing and selling leafy greens only.

Till 15 years ago, when farmers were growing paddy and vegetables, Yudhistir Pradhan and his younger brother Tunapati Pradhan tried their luck with leafy greens. The demand for greens made them decide to stick to a single crop only. 

They are growing different kinds of leafy greens such as ‘Leutia’, ‘Koshala’ and ‘Palanga’ using organic farming methods. Their greens are selling like hotcakes in the nearby markets. People wait for their produce to arrive in the market. The demand for their produce is such that customers even visit their farms to buy them directly. 

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“Previously, we were growing traditional crops that our forefathers used to grow. But the money we were earning was always falling short. Then I thought about what could be done and started growing leafy greens. Now, I am earning something between Rs 1,10,000 and Rs 1,15,000,” said a visibly happy, Yudhistir Pradhan. 

Tunapati has something similar to say. “I was doing nothing and roaming in the village. After seeing my brother, I decided to grow leafy greens. Now, I am earning enough money to keep the wolf away from the door. We are growing a variety of greens all year around.”

  • Reported by:
  • Ajit Das