Vikash Sharma

The Commissionerate Police on Monday announced that its traffic wing will keep a special surveillance on the drink and driving cases during the upcoming festive season.

Traffic ACP, Jayant Kumar Dora on Monday informed that a special drive was launched by the Commissionerate Police on October 7 and 8. Over 220 violators have been penalised as per law for driving under the influence of alcohol, wrong side driving, illegal parking and other traffic rule violations.

“The special drive was launched for two days against wrong side driving, drunken driving, use of modified silencers and other violations. We have detected 201 wrong side and 6 cases of drunken driving,” said Dora.

Dora further informed that the Commisionerate Police had earlier launched a similar drive in the past and such crackdown will continue.

“We appeal public to obey traffic rules. We are focusing on major streets in the city where there are chances of accidents due to wrong-side driving. During Durga puja, special drives will be launched round-the-clock at various places of the city,” Dora added.

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