Somatirtha Purohit

Students of Dakshineswar High School in Pattamundai of Kendrapara district on Wednesday staged a unique protest demanding recruitment of teachers. 

In a symbolic act of dissent, the students expressed their frustration by discarding the government-provided school uniforms on the school premises.

Parents participating in the protest took a stand by locking the school gate, advocating for the hiring of permanent teachers. 

According to sources, the school has 360 students while there are eight teachers to teach them.

“Due to inadequate number of teachers, our education is suffering, jeopardizing our future. We insist on the urgent recruitment of more teachers,” said Archita Rout, a student. 

She further added, “If our demands are not addressed, we will persist in attending school without uniforms, and the school office will be subject to closure. Additionally, we call for a reorganisation of the student sections for better management.”

The Headmistress-in charge Nibedita Das has acknowledged the severity of the issue. However there is no response from the higher authorities.

“Education holds the utmost significance for us. With approximately 360 students, we face a shortage of teaching staff. The core focus of our students is on education, everything else is of secondary importance,” said Das.  

She added, “Should they attend school merely to wear uniforms and have meals if they aren't receiving proper teachings? Their demand for education must be met, and we support the protest as a means of expressing this urgency.”

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