Pradeep Pattanayak

As many as 63 people have been injured in attacks by a rabid dog in areas on the outskirts of Nayagarh town in the last four days.  

Unleashing a reign of terror, the rabid dog attacked over 27 people in Khuntubandh, Jamusahi, Kainthagadia, and Nayagarh Trinath Chhak today alone.

According to sources, if the number of persons injured in dog attacks in the last four days is put together, it will be more than 63. 
While all the injured persons have been admitted to the district headquarters hospital (DHH), the fear of rabies has gripped the victims. Local residents urged the municipality to take steps in this regard. 

“I was sitting on my bike when the rabid dog leaped at me and bit me. Yesterday it attacked 14 to 15 people and since morning, it has already injured 27 people. The civic body should take steps in this regard,” said Anil Dora, an injured person. 

When asked about the steps taken, the medical officer of the Nayagarh DHH Dr Sudhanshu Sekhar Sarangi said, “Dog-bitten patients are visiting our hospital on a daily basis. We have received 63 patients in the last four days. Today alone, we received 27 new patients. We are administering anti-rabies vaccines.”

  • Reported by:
  • Jayendra Behera